My First Recommandation……………………….

Hello Everyone! Today I will be telling you about a great video game I recommend highly. This game is known as The World Ends With You. (DS)

This game takes place in the stunning city of Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan. It features many notable locations in the city such as the Scramble Crossing, Statue of Hachiko, and many more!

The story starts off with the main  character, Neku, waking up in the middle of a street in the Scramble Crossing before he knows it he’s tossed into a race between life and death. Here’s some gameplay………..

Reviews have been favorable towards this game here are a few

“………Flawless presentation, gameplay depth, an engaging story, and innovation all add up to make The World Ends With You a worthy addition to the already-impressive pantheon of Square Enix works.”-Gamespot

“Games like this come once in a system’s lifetime, and shouldn’t be ignored.”-IGN

See the Reviews

Thanks for reading, expect new recommendations soon!

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Welcome to the Lair!

Hello to all! In this blog of mine I will be telling you about great products or items that you should look into! I hope to convince you to look at the products and possibly buy them and hopefully you’ll like them too!

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